“Mango” by Fifth Lucky Dragon

Fifth Lucky Dragon’s “Mango” is sumptuously fun. Containing a Rolodex of synths, sounds, and timbres, it’s bound to titillate your senses without toying too much with your emotions. If you’re in need of a feel-good pop tune, this track will certainly tickle your fancy.

It opens with a jovial synth pattern, quickly joined by a pithy, driving drum groove. The vocalist chimes, “I’m not good at dancing,” propelling us into a rather playful verse. More melodic synths pile on, filling the cracks between phrases until a brief instrumental pause welcomes the chorus. The vocalist croons an infectiously catchy melody while a bright, rhythmic guitar thrums in the background. The vocals are layered with octaves and harmonies, heightening the mix’s fullness and overall groove.

Another verse and chorus coast by, eventually followed by a bridge. Here, the accompaniment becomes a bit more minor. The melody cascades cleanly down the minor scale, doubled by a low, buzzing synth. Although the song’s rhythmic value remains much the same, the harmonic difference keeps the listener intrigued. The song soon culminates in a final, somehow even more upbeat chorus.

“Mango” is the dictionary definition of a summer hit–and if you enjoyed this one, Fifth Lucky Dragon has a lot more where that came from. His highest-streamed song, “I Keep Seeing People I Don’t Want To See (In My Dreams)” has the same clean-cut pop production as “Mango,” but with more bittersweet, emotional lyrical content. Fifth Lucky Dragon doubtlessly has the style and talent to be a pop star.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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