“Dream Away” by Chris Considine

“Dream Away” by Chris Considine is the perfect vessel for the sentimental, intimate emotion so delicately portrayed in the song. Chris’s bright, idiosyncratic voice combined with the hard-hitting lyrics will vivify any listener’s heart. It’s simple, well-delivered, and overall effortlessly beautiful.

The song starts off with an elegantly finger-picked acoustic guitar riff. Chris comes in with a quasi-spoken line, “Remember that old night out by the fire when we were kids?” His voice outlines a melody but mimics speech, a technique that is difficult to execute, but always effective. It gives the illusion of closeness–of something unedited and real. A wash of harmonies spills over his next phrase, returning some of the tonality and setting a satisfying balance. The lyrics begin to have a narrative, detailing a young man’s journey through life as it relates to another important person. The words are steeped in tenderness, gratefulness, and nostalgia.

After two lovely verses, the chorus flows in with a whole new set of interesting, rather academic chord changes. The progression quickly descends with each beat, leaving the vocal line to hold down some long, dreamy notes. The very last chord engenders a sort of sadness that hasn’t been present yet in the song, adding a darker layer.

The rest of the song develops many of the same sections with added instrumentation, harmonies, and melodic changes. Ultimately, “Dream Away” leaves the listener feeling bittersweet, and undeniably affected. Chris Considine’s songwriting and delivery of lyrics come across like natural gifts. He’s doused in an organicness that just can’t be taught.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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