‘Exit 17’ by KellyMarie

We all need a bit of joy in our lives, and sometimes that joy comes from the media we consume. Media is one of those things that can absolutely captivate us when given the chance, and it’s something that other original works can take inspiration from. KellyMarie has just released her latest single ‘Exit 17’ to share this kind of joy and inspiration with the world around her. This track themed on ‘The Office’ is created with an upbeat nature and explores the idea of love in a way that’s, well, lovely!

‘Exit 17’ is a catchy indie pop single that guides you along as if you’re floating on nice poofy clouds. There’s an essence of love and comfort in the musicianship of this track with its ethereal vocals and easy-going beat. The bass and percussion go hand in hand in controlling a laid-back energy, and the guitar acts as a catchy hook you can further bop along to. This track is just so nice and warm to listen to, and it’s sure to put you in a bright and sunny mindset. Feels like the perfect dreamy kind of love story.

It’s kind of funny saying that a song filled with such potent feelings of love is based on ‘The Office,’ but ‘Exit 17’ is. KellyMarie wrote this track based on Jim’s proposal to Pam within the show. It’s amazing to see someone create something so original and lovely from the media they enjoy. This is something KellyMarie does absolutely right, and ‘Exit  17’ is one of many songs based on ‘The Office’ that will be featured in her upcoming album “IT IS MY ALBUM.” This pop-culture-inspired album is being created with KellyMarie’s optimistic sound and will be released on August 12th of this year. That’s coming up quickly, so it’s a great time to keep your eyes out for when this album drops!

KellyMarie is a quirky Mckinney, Texas-based indie-pop artist known for her dreamy voice and pop-culture-inspired singles. Her music is created with a sense of optimism and originality, and it will never fail to give you the best vibes. She does a wonderful job at taking the things she’s passionate about and making something out of them that’s truly her own. The way she captures the things that she loves is absolutely inspiring. Currently, KellyMarie is preparing for a show at Dundercon, a convention based on ‘The Office.’ This performance will be on August 6th, shortly before “IT IS MY ALBUM.’ is released, and it will serve as an early release of said album. There are so many things in store from this lovely rising artist!

Written by Sage Plapp




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