“Custom Slaughter” by Slime Lush

Small towns produce big people and the same can be said for underground artists from Boswell, Oklahoma. What do you get when you add post hardcore/post punk mixed with some indie, sprinkled with some sadness? Allow yourself to be introduced to Slime Lush, a five piece band that is here to show you who they are.

The longtime friends of Slime Lush consist of bassist and vocalist, Timmy Johnson, Cole Smith is also on lead vocals and plays the guitar. Mike Pitts is bringing the beats on drums and Joe Pierce provides back up vocals and is on guitar. Being in a rural town means, there a little to no music studios, but that didn’t stop them. They recorded these songs in their kitchens, bedrooms, porches, and sheds. Maybe everyone else should follow suit.

“Custom Slaughter” is the first release from the group and they did an album, your obsession can begin now. “Nixon Peace Fingers” is the first start of the journey of learning who Slime Lush is. The melodic yet psychedelic track makes you want to grab a beer and have a montage with some friends. It’s a song that helps you get out of your mind and just relax, it has a very classic sound.

Speaking of classic, you’ve heard the good ole fashion “National Anthem” and all the renditions from celebrities and anyone who wanted to showcase their voice. Sometimes people make their own anthem, Slime Lush has done that with “Creepy National Anthem”. It’s a dark song that makes you want to flee to the darkness of the room with only a red light on. It has a very 80s/post punk vibe that you can’t get enough of.

When you’re done indulging in the your new favorite song, you’re going to want to grab a drink and raise it in the air..cheers! Here’s to the “Whiskey King”, when you play this song it’ll give you this airy feeling, it almost mimics the feeling of being drunk. It makes you want to float.

You’ll slowly start to come down when you get to “Quoting Nietzsche at a Party”, the drum beat intro is enough to restart your heart. The song is very melodic and slow with a bit of grit, it shows a softer side of Slime Lush but still keeps that grunge vibe to it.

It’s hard to believe that this is the first album from the crew, the harmony and love they provide in each song is something that a lot of artists lack. Slime Lush makes it hard to not love every single song on “Custom Slaughter”, they have produced an album that you’ll play over and over.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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