“A & B Sides, Vol. 1” by Everything but the Everything ft. Adam Brookes

Izzy the Gent may be a name you’re familiar with, especially if you reside in the San Francisco area of California. Izzy in the man behind Everything but the Everything, he is a solo artist that features different artists on tracks. These latest two tracks were collaborated with Adam Brookes, a singer/songwriter/producer from San Francisco. Adam does vocals for this track and is accompanied by guitarist Jimmy Chen, Andrew Gomez brings the synths, drummer Landon Cisneros and of cours Izzy the Gent on guitar and bass. All of their music has been recorded by producer Rex Shelverton in San Francisco at Secret Studios.

Landon instantly brings you in on the drums and Izzy’s bass line has a certain funk to it that makes you want to bob your head and just dance. “We Want More” is a 80s track and the synths are there to prove it, Adam has vocals deep enough that is makes you feel like you transported back in time. “We Want More” makes you feel like you are at a show with friends, in a grimey bathroom stall with a light that barely works and hearing the band play from the distance.

The flow of the song makes you want more, the deepness of the bass, the heaviness of the drums…it leaves you drooling.

If you need to feel more free and expressive then you’ll love what’s next, “Open Your Mind” keeps you in the 80s but gives you more room to dance. Imagine yourself in a dimly lit room just dancing and vibing out with yourself, with “Open Your Mind” playing in the background. Adams vocals are dark and soothing and leaves you needing more of it, playing these on repeat may be your only option.

Adam and Izzy should team up more because they have created two songs that everyone can love, it brings out that dark side of you that you love to see. “Open Your Mind” and “We Want More” are two of the best songs that have come from Everything but the Everything, don’t miss out on what they have next.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits: Alise Albitre




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