“Down the Pen” by KLEN

KLEN is quite the unique four piece band, with having three guitarists, a drummer and no bass. The psychedelic, post punk, grunge sound provides guitar from Rough Skin, Orlando Nice and Melvin Schæfferhoof and drummer Bill-upon-Tubs. KLEN comes all the way from Penryn, Cornwall, the city should be proud to have these four representing them.

This is the first single from them, people say first impressions mean everything and you could say they’ve done a damn good job at introducing themselves. “Down the Pen” musically and visually are putting themselves out there, this single takes you on a trip and you can choose to either follow them or venture off on your own.

KLEN makes you want to mosh pit and possibly break your face but yet it also gives you the vibes of chilling at the pool with a beer in hand. You just want to have fun when you hear “Down the Pen”, grab a friend and get to dancing. “Down the Pen” feels like it belongs on a wild college movie, it’s fast, aggressive and fun. The core of this song is punk but they bring their own psychedelic twist to it.

When you make your way to it, you’re really going to get a better understanding of KLEN. The music video shows the personality of the band, the much wanted weird and uniqueness you can’t help but to love. KLEN is definitely a band you want to keep your eye on, this is their first release and already it’s your favorite song.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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