“i don’t wanna be here no more” by Will Spencer

At some point in your life someone hasn’t liked you, maybe it was because of your voice, your clothing, your physical appearance…the pain still felt the same, the heartbreak never got any easier. Will Spencer is a solo artist that knows that feeling of being disliked for being different, good thing is some people like different and that’s why you’re here.

Will shares honest stories that he describes as shifting between pop, folk and alternative rock. He wants you to imagine soaring guitar solos and edgy vocals with a hint of delicacy. With his latest single “i don’t wanna be here no more” he’s showcasing a lot of those talents.

The artist that hails for Windsor, UK has made a song that dives deep into his feelings. This track is a song about hate and the pain that comes along with it, witnessing hate in the world towards other or even yourself. Just from the message alone it’s a song that has you interested then once you hear Will’s angelic yet rough vocals it’ll bring up emotions you’ve been shoving down.

As the song is ending and you start to kind of collect yourself, you’ll start to wonder more about Will and his music. This is just only the third release form him and so far every song has been a hit, he makes it feel okay to feel, his music let’s you know that you are not alone.

“i don’t wanna be here no more” reminds you to be kind to everyone, chances are they are hurting too.

Written by Jaye Maverick



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