“Hold Me Close” by The State of Art

2009 seems like centuries ago, but it hasn’t been that long, in fact it’s the year that The State of Art came together as a three piece. The trio indie alternative rock trio featured frontman, vocalist and guitarist Andy Downes, he was also accompanied by the Martins. Bassist Martin ‘Johno’ Johnson joined and so did drummer Martin ‘Ellis’, Andy felt something was still off so over ten years later they added the final addition to the band guitarist Mark Stewart.

The UK four piece just released their album “The Great Silence”, this album features single “Hold Me Close”. This track is fast paced yet melodic at the same time, it gives off the vibe of a classic 2000s punk song. “Hold Me Close” is The State of Art’s modern take on a love song written especially for the year 2022.

As you get to the middle of the song and the band is just playing music, you start to get emotionally overwhelmed. It helps you let out all of the emotions that you’ve been keeping inside, when the lyrics start back up the tears start flowing. “Hold Me Close” is the kind of song you play season after season, year after year.

It provides this nostalgic feeling that transports you back to a certain emotion, it allows you to sit with your feelings. This should entice you to play the album “The Great Silence” so you can see what other feelings arise.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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