“Midnight Cafe” by Al Mur

Instrumental lo fi has been becoming a favorite amongst the people for a few years now, and the same can be said for producer/composer Al Mur. This North Carolina artist uses technology to his advantage, making music from virtual instruments so to speak, he uses Logic Pro X to create this magic. When you’re a solo artist, it means you have a lot of responsibility and it’s no different for Al Mur who also recorded and produced all of his music from his home studio.

Al Mur has created this aesthetic around his music, when you listen to his music you automatically get this fun yet sexy vibe. Nothing has changed with his single “Midnight Cafe”, a song about love and feeling good, when you hear it your insides get warm and fuzzy.

Usually when you feel that good, something or someone is the inspiration behind it. For “Midnight Cafe” the inspiration stemmed from an oil painting of flamenco dancers, this painting is owned by Al Mur’s wife. After seeing it night after night Al Mur created a song that you wouldn’t forget.

If you’re trying to impress someone “Midnight Cafe” is going to be the song you’ll want to play in the background, the sensual track sparks many emotions. Since this single Al Mur has released what seems like a part two to this track. The harmonically different connections of “Midnight Cafe” and “Midnight In Madrid” makes you wonder what else Al Mur has in store for you.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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