“Paper Tiger” by Ego Jones

Texas is known for producing big things and when it comes to Dallas, TX based band Ego Jones, it didn’t fail. This indie rock mixed with psychedelia and sprinkled with electronica began with multi instrumentalist and producer Jude Holland and has help from guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Gabriel Garcia. The two eventually added three new members, Landon Headstream on guitar, Jackson Zemler doing bass and guitar and producer/saxophonist Ethan Lacey.

According to Ego Jones they aim to create a refreshing and unique blend of modern day psychedelia – a spaced out type of cosmic songwriting, that reflects omnipresent abstract moods and deep, yet hard-to-define emotions. And with their latest album release “Dormant Days”, you could say that they are doing just that.

“Paper Tiger” was the second single to be released from the latest album release, they combine multiple different genres to create the uniqueness of the single. The song and video takes you on a much needed trip, you feel a sense of relief as you listen to the track, you feel as if you’re floating on a cloud and you’re watching your anxiety fly away.

As the calmness sets in, you’ll start to feel peace from the soothing vocals of Gabriel. The group entices you to play “Paper Tiger” on repeat, it’s the kind of song that gets better each time you listen to it. It seems that Ego Jones just very well may be your new favorite band and there’s good reason behind that.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits Rico DeLeon



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