“Locked Up” by Dune Blue

There’s something to be admired when you come across a solo artist, someone who truly does it all. When you find this artist, it’s almost instant love, Dune Blue is one of those artists. Roland Mounier is the mind behind Dune Blue, he writes, records, plays, and produces everything. It all started in Roland’s dorm room and has progressed into releasing this psych surf reggae rock music in Dune Blue’s very own studio in Williamsburg, NY.

Dune Blue has gained quite a bit of popularity since their first release, and it’s no different for latest EP release “Locked Up”. Judging by the title you can produce a small idea about what the EP may be about, it’s a fast paced punkish reggae release and it’s exactly what you might play if you have a run in with the law. This is about the lingering effects of the isolation that came about due to the pandemic.

The self titled track is the first single on the EP, its fun and upbeat and makes you want to fight the system. Each time they say “NO” it seems to give you fuel to fight for what you want. This song may sound like a fun time with friends, but when you listen to the lyrics you feel empowered.

After you get hyped up, you get brought down a bit with “Dillon’s Song”. It’s a slow, dramatic song that allows you to just close your eyes and be free, it’s not an acoustic track but that is the energy it brings. It makes you listen to each word and each chord with intention.

You start to understand why over 5,000 people are vibing with Dune Blue on Spotify, it showcases different styles and his many talents. The last track “Been Around” is has a country twang to it while still being rock but also sounding jazzy. It has a lot of elements and they all work together.

Don’t miss out on Dune Blue, once you hear once song you’ll be hooked.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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