“All I Want To Say” by We Are To Blame

We Are To Blame is a band that you don’t want to miss out on, this metal band may only have three people but they make a huge impact. With double the vocals and double the guitars, they are hard to miss. Alice Hartvig provides the dark, melodic vocals while Johan Karlsson vocals are more on the brooding side. Johan shares guitar duties with a man who knows how to shred, Urban Granbacke, this 8 minute track also features Tom Englund.

This musical like duet will have you in your feelings and also raging for eight minutes, the mixture of the two vocalists combined with the double guitar is what melodic metal is all about. This may be only the second release from the three piece but it’s clear that they are making music that is hard to love.

When you love a song from an artist it makes you want to learn more about them, “All I Want To Say” is just part of We Are To Blame’s story. This track seems to dive into more of them as a band, it’s authentic, raw and emotional. This opera like track is easily going to become your favorite song and We Are To Blame will easily become your favorite band.

After the eight minutes is up, you’re left with your mind relaxed and feeling ready to conquer anything. We Are To Blame has a unique way of uplifting you and “All I Want To Say” is no different.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits: Joakim Aukea




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