“Tragic Optimism” by Steve Nicosia

Toronto, Ontario, Canada based independent artist Steve Nicosia released his track “Tragic Optimism” on December 17th, 2021, but it still caught our eye here at Rising Artists all these months later. 

“Tragic Optimism” is most clearly defined by the skilled sound of the instrumentation. It’s also marked by being slightly unconventional to some, as the song possesses no lyrics, and is instead entirely instrumental. Though the song’s title implies tragedy, the song mostly sounds positive and light—that is, until the few final notes, which take on a more melancholy feel, and drift off into an implication that something more sad is to come next. Steve Nicosia says that the song is about “searching for true meaning in less than fortune events.” 

The song’s soundscape is composed of a groovy, uplifting beat followed by crisp, laid back guitar chords that flow into gentle riffs and subtle instrumental notes and then back and forth again. Another noticeable and especially impressive aspect of the track is the incredibly clean and professional sounding production. 

“Tragic Optimism” also sports bright yellow album art that’s fitting for the upbeat feel. The cover is split in half diagonally by a white staircase, perhaps to represent the narrator feeling optimism about climbing higher in life. 

According to his Spotify bio, Steve Nicosia prides himself on both being a prolific artist and his inability to be defined by any one specific genre, and instead creating songs that are just as eclectic as his own music taste. We certainly enjoyed this release from Mr. Nicosia, and we look forward to seeing what’s to come next from this artist!

Photo Credit Sorry Studios





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