‘Swallow’ by Victoria Finehout-Vigil

Sometimes there are tracks that resound with emotion. There’s something about the music, vocals, and production that dash a deep sense of feeling into tracks like these, and it makes them an entire experience to listen to. It pulls you straight into its pure feeling. Victoria Finehout-Vigil’s debut solo release ‘Swallow’ has a way of doing this. There’s so much beauty and feeling behind it as it tackles the idea of not being able to be with someone you love. Victoria kills it on this one, and it’s hard to believe that it came together a single session from a very rough draft.

‘Swallow’ has a soft and sweet indie folk-pop sound. The guitar and piano have a wondrous simplicity to them, the acoustic sounds guiding the listener along as if they’re floating. Victoria Finehout-Vigil will have you starstruck with her greatly controlled breathy alto tone and more than enough dynamics to spare. One thing that sticks out is the way she bends notes. There are so many lovely crescendos, decrescendos, and bending tones. There are also so many nice riffs intertwined throughout this track. Victoria has a gorgeous voice; it has a captivating ability behind it. She even displays her upper registers in this track with some higher harmonies. There’s something wonderfully somber about this track, and it’s one of those ones you can absolutely get lost in.

Longing is a feeling that’s packed into every crevice of ‘Swallow.’ As put in an official press release, it’s a “song about longing to be with someone you can’t be with.” There’s so much emotion in the voice and lyrics as they explore the idea of moving past the idea of being with someone you love. There’s an aspect of loss, the loss of a love that you deeply want. Sometimes we just have to let go even when that seems like the hardest thing to do, and that’s a deeply emotional thing. This deepness is something that resonates in every part of this track.

Victoria Finehout-Vigil is a NYC based solo-musician with wonder in her vocal abilities and a sultry smokiness in their tone. She worked on ‘Swallow’ with help of guitarist and producer Kit Conway and pianist and producer Colin Fraser, and they all came together to make something absolutely gorgeous. Victoria is currently working on an EP slated to come out this Summer with a focus on instrumentation, so she took ‘Swallow’ as a chance to show off her vocals (which was a perfect idea, they truly do shine in this track). The session in which ‘Swallow’ was recorded was originally meant to be a rough draft, but inspiration flew once Colin and Kit heard Victoria’s vocals. It went from something rough to being amazingly crafted within that single session. It’s amazing hearing what Victoria Finehout-Vigil can do in ’Swallow,’ and it leaves you wondering how amazing the next will be.

Written by Sage Plapp



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