“Crossroads” by Rapture RDY

Void of a phone with the ability to sync with my car as well as satellite radio, I scanned the local stations and it was very apparent which was a Christian station. Traditional worship music just has this very distinct sound to it, which is why when I pressed play on “Crossroads” by Rapture RDY I did a double take. Because while this Benton-based artist does not shy away from his faith in song, he has found a way to wrap his message in a more modern sound that revolves around the marriage of his beliefs and a unique take on hip hop.

I say unique in that this isn’t the same mainstream mumble rap that has taken over the airwaves as of late. Instead, Rapture RDY comes through with this more laidback, cool approach that is very reminiscent of what Everlast was doing back in the day. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t mistake this for a hidden track off of the 1998 release, ‘Whitey Ford Sings the Blues.’ So if you were or are a fan of that record and style, and have been missing it – Rapture RDY has you covered in that regard. What also sticks out is that lyrically, there are many religious elements but at the same time “Crossroads” does feel like a song that could be for anyone as we’ve all faced our own variations of the devil in our lives at a significant fork in the road in our journeys. 

Rapture RDY hit it out of the park with his debut release, “Crossroads” in that he didn’t shy away from the narrative he wanted to deliver but also gave way to a song that could fare well with a wide variety of people. He swiftly followed that up with his latest, “Hard Times.” Both are available on all major music and streaming sites now.

Written by Kendra Beltran





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