‘Jewelry’ by Ireq Savage featuring JCPinthecut

One thing that’s great about the artistic comeup is that in most, if not all cases, there are people to prove wrong. In the case of almost every artist, there are people there to tell you you won’t make it. That’s why when you actually do make it, and it gives you everything, sometimes you gotta laugh back at them. There are people in life to prove wrong just by shooting for your goals, which can be a powerful driving force toward said goals. This is a lyrical idea that can be explored in a new collaborative single by Ireq Savage and JCPinthecut, ‘Jewelry.’ This track is used as a heavy flex bump in an exhilarating new collaborative four-track EP.

‘Jewelry ’is a hip-hop banger with some distinct power behind it. There’s a hardcore twang entwined in its sound, and each part of the music is delivered with succinct hits. The tempo blasts you along with a striking force that will have you headbanging from start to finish, and the rap bars have so much control and dynamics behind their flow. They refuse to be boring and one note, and they work creatively around the beat of the overall track. JCP also refuses to hold back in his fire production. The entirety of this song has a punchiness in its flow which resounds through every aspect within it. This track is a part of Ireq Savage and JCPintheCut’s collaborative EP ‘Energy Basin,’ and it serves as the savage heavy banger in a dynamic four-track collection. This one’s absolute fire, just make sure to not get burned!

‘Jewelry’ stands out as a comeup-flex with fire bars. It’s about surpassing the opposition to become something greater. As mentioned in the chorus, “Pickin up some traction, you lackin.” One of the underlying themes of this track is about having that ice and flexing what you have, but it’s more than that. It’s about rising up because of musical skill and subsequently cutting ahead of people who didn’t believe in you or felt they were better than you. The lyrics seem to be aimed at these people, showing off that you could overcome any expectation they’ve placed upon you.

Ireq Savage is a musician, engineer, and video editor based in Orlando, Fl. His latest EP ‘Energy Basin’ is a collaborative project between him and musician, producer, and video editor JCPintheCut. These are two musicians with sounds that work together flawlessly, and they work well with the other artists and producers introduced along the way. Collaboration transcends the music, as they were lent a hand from Gaston Berger for their cover art.  Each track in this EP has its own vibe with an underlying hip-hop/trap basis tying everything together and making it cohesive.  ‘Jewelry’ definitely stands out as the punchiest of the four tracks. It’s so exciting to listen to, and the dynamic rap flow finds a way of hooking you in and then keeping you there. It doesn’t hold back, which is what makes it stand out in such a vivid way. Either way, the entire ‘Energy Basin’ EP is great, and the diversity in sound through each track creates a captivating musical soundscape. It makes you wonder what amazing things these artists are up to next!

Written by Sage Plapp








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