“Reverse” by Will Soma

When you hear a solo artist you immediately admire them for pursuing their passion no matter what. The same will be said about Will Soma, this solo artist has released his third single “Reverse”. The artist that hails from Sydney, Australia said that he wanted to create a classic rock sound and he delivered on that with “Reverse”. Overland Studios helped out Will Soma with the recording.

This third single from Will is simply about a reflection on how our personal worlds would be different if we had made different decisions. Looking back in time and wondering what you could have done different that would’ve changed the outcome, “Reverse” is about going back in time.

Will wanted to achieve a classic rock sound and that it’s exactly what you’ll get, a nostalgic sounding song with meaningful lyrics. “Reverse” makes you wonder what else Will has in store for you, his other two songs have been hits and it’ll be no shock when “Reverse” joins that list.

The Australian artist is soon to be a favorite of yours if he is not already, he has made a way of creating a classic, unique, nostalgic song. Will Soma is definitely someone you want to keep your eye on, this is truly just the beginning.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits: Jo Koh



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