“Yesterday’s Mistakes” by Mike Maurice

Ironically, pain and sorrow often fan the flames of creativity more so than any other emotion, but alas that is often the case. Some of the best art in history came from a mind in despair and one has to wonder if our creative drive is fueled by the desire to focus on anything else. Whatever the case, many creatives like Mike Maurice have channeled that heartache into something grand to share with the world, like his latest single, “Yesterday’s Mistakes.” 

Deep in the thick of one of the worst times of his existence, Mike Maurice sat in his car with nothing more than a whirlwind of emotions and a pen. In less than half an hour his notebook contained what would become “Yesterday’s Mistakes,” a song that packs in just as much imagery as it does sentiment. Kicking off with a scene of being overcome by the water in a well, to these poetic lines of time being a debt one can never afford; it all comes together in a way that will lead Mike Maurice towards those who appreciate the vehemence of singer-songwriters like Elliot Smith and Bre Kennedy. 

In 2021 Mike Maurice dropped “Winding Road Lullaby,” an instrumental piece that paid homage to his foundation as a pianist. This year he’s adding a new layer to what he can do by showcasing his vocal talents with “Yesterday’s Mistakes.” To hear all of the above and to keep tabs on more releases in the future, make sure to check Mike Maurice out on all major music and streaming platforms today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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