“Doll Riot” by Doll Riot

All girl bands are pretty rad, but all girl punk bands are badass. In 2020 four high schoolers from North County, San Diego formed Doll Riot, originally they started out covering tracks but hoped one day to write their own music. Shortly after this their previous drummer moved away for college then the pandemic hit.

Now here they are two years later with a fully formed groups and lyrics of their own, the new four piece consists of Ella Sauer and Elena Olszak who share the role of guitarist, Elena is also the vocalist of Doll Riot, bassist London Kraus and new drummer Lillee Gillum. These Oceanside, CA punks had help from Tabby Cat Studios and Jonathon Jones did the recording, engineering and co produced.

You had stereotypical problems in high school, ranging from the relationship drama to body issues. “Doll Riot” explores these topics and more, these three punks tracks are sure to get you thinking and get you moshing…are you ready?

The first track “300 Years” starts off gritty and melodic with a quick switch the a fast paced song that’ll get you moving. This track that is about the Salem witch trials gives you a nice history refresher will getting your dance on. This is the first introduction to the band it doesn’t disappoint, the deep bass line plus the guitar solo mixed with the relaxed drums is a great compliment to each other.

The comradery between Doll Riot continues to “Paresthesia”, which by definition means an abnormal sensation, typically tingling or pricking. The consistency of that is enough to make one go mad, this track allows you to get that aggression out of you.

When your aggression leaves what’s next, anger, sadness or maybe a mixture of both. Have you ever wanted to tell someone to fuck off, you know their toxic and want none of that negative energy in your space. “Fuck You” will be the perfect track for you, it captures that feeling in 2 minutes.

Don’t miss out on Doll Riot, they will be the next big name in punk and it’s always fun to be a fan from the beginning.

Written by Jaye Maverick



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