“When Will I Learn” by nasmore ft. Cris Hodges and Neil Taylor

Are you one of the 24,000 people that listen to nasmore monthly, if not here’s your chance to join the club. Nasmore is no stranger to making a hit and it’s no different with his latest single “When Will I Learn”. The Canadian solo artist is clearly one of the greats but even sometimes the greatest artists have help, for this track he received help from vocalist Cris Hodges and guitarist Neil Taylor.

Instantly when you play the track, the unison of the drums and guitar brings you in, the post grunge track is sure to bring out your inner 2000s emo. “When Will I Learn” is an anthem for anyone fighting with loss, regret, and remorse. It’s easy to love a track that has great cohesion of the instruments but when the lyrics match that intensity and brings up emotions then that makes a track worthy of a healthy obsession.

nasmore should now be at the top of your list as a favorite artist, he has been making music that is special and lyrically makes you feel less alone. Feeling like you’re seen and heard from an artist that has a following as large as his is quite hard to achieve but nasmore does that with his music.

“When Will I Learn” is relatable, courageous, hard hitting and emotional, it’s a track you don’t want to miss out on. Keep playing nasmore and discover more of him as an artist, maybe you’ll find out more about yourself.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits please: L. Zonova

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