“Industrial Love” by Mote

Mote is an artist that you will grow to love, he is someone who no stranger to adversity. Mote’s life took a drastic turn, the Nashville raised songwriter/multi instrumentalist moved to Berlin, Germany after he got ill in 2018. Almost a year later after things got better he made the decision to move, it’s there he buckled down even harder on his music. This hard work has led to many singles including his first one of this year “Industrial Love”.

Dark, heavy synths, 80s, just a few words to describe the aesthetic of this newest single “Industrial Love”. This is the kind of track that makes you want to be with just a couple people you trust, just vibing and dancing, it’s a very low key song that makes you want to listen.

Mote has a way of drawing you in with his melodic voice, almost like a siren, the exception being his endgame is different. He is enticing and is making music that is hard to love and “Industrial Love” is no different, this type of song allows you to time travel.

When you snap back to reality you’ll realize that you zoned out and allowed your mind to relax and be free, “Industrial Love” is an easygoing track. Mote created a track that is great for all situations, sit back and play Mote until the next release.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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