“Devours You” by Abandon the Fall

Texas is known for its big things and that’s no different with Houston artist Abandon the Fall. Juan Espinoza is the brain behind the group, this frontman started this solo adventure in 2018. You can’t help but to appreciate the hard work that goes into being a solo artist, sometimes a solo artist will accept help from someone and collaborate with them. In this case “Devours You” features Shayley Bourget of Dayshell.

This anthemic track is a conversation with someone you love and you know they are going down a dark path. It’s easy to love a song when you can relate to it, it’s easier to love a song when it sounds great too. Lyrically and instrumentally the song is the perfect recipe for a hit song, it clearly shows with it being one of his top hits.

Abandon the Fall will have you doing a mosh pit alone in your living room while crying and holding your cat. It’s a hard hitting yet emotional song that is a must hear, “Devours You” allows you to let out all that you’ve been holding in. The conversation that you’ll have with yourself after you hear this track could be the thing that you need to get back to you.

“Devours You” is the track of the summer..the winter..the fall, it’s the year round track you need in your life. This is only the first single from Juan this year, what else does he have in store.

Written by Jaye Maverick



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