“Pulp” by Love Ghost

They might as well call you Patrick Star because if you don’t know who Love Ghost is then you’ve been living under a rock. The five piece Los Angeles band has been known for their upbeat, unique, hyper expressive songs. Their music seems to be a combination of hyper pop/rap/rock/metal, you could go on and on, their all genre/no genre style is what makes them unique.

Finnegan Bell is the lead vocalist of the group whilst everyone helps out with backing vocals, Finn also plays the guitar alongside Daniel Alcala, Ryan Stevens provides the bass, keyboardist Cory Batchler and drummer Daniel Gallardo complete the group.

Love Ghost typically has a message behind the lyrics, with this latest single “Pulp” it’s said that it’s about an addicts relationship with God. This slower track is allowing you to tap into your emotions, they have this huge buildup and when the chorus come it mimics everything crashing down.

This track allows everything to be absorbed and all the feelings that you’ve been holding in, you let out. Maybe you know this exact struggle or maybe you don’t, the feelings and emotions are the same, you can feel it deep in your gut. You can feel your heart ache and your stomach drop.

This raw song will put Love Ghost on your radar if they aren’t already, “Pulp” will break down your walls, it’s a song that you must listen to and Love Ghost is a name you have to know.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits: Christin Nitzsche




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