“spwn-kill <3” by hangtime

Blending different styles/genres has been something that many artists have been trying to achieve. Some have been quite successful and some not so lucky, hangtime would be considered on the successful side, the most recent release “spwn-kill <3” is all the proof you need of that. hangtime feels that this EP feels like a truly powerful take on their sound, with a cinematic mood, strong vocals and beautifully balanced instruments, hangtime has created something many can enjoy.

The EP starts off with self titled track “spwn-kill”, this distorted alien like track will make you drop what your doing and malfunction. The adrenaline kicks in as if you’re in a chase scene or a fight scene in the matrix, the twitchy track will make you want to conquer anything. You’ll feel as if you’ve just downed 5 red bulls and did a line in the bathroom, the track exudes the energy of the darkness in the 80s. Everyone is all black, in the dark club, staring at each other as if a fight is going to break out but one isn’t.

With the title of the next track being “reload yr heart”, you start to get concerned that this is where you die. The first track is so action packed it’s hard to imagine how much further hangtime can push it. hangtime has distributed two tracks that absolutely give you all the energy you need, no caffeine needed.

After you’ve given your heart a breather..and your lungs, you’re going to want to go at it again. It’s time for round 2, 12 minutes isn’t enough and you need to experience the breakdown in “reload yr heart” more than once. The EP really is one of a kind, you can’t compare hangtime to anyone because they are their own, it won’t belong before you compare other artists to hangtime.

If you’re trying to get pumped up or need music to make you focus, “spwn-kill <3” is the twelve minute and forty seconds you need in your life.

Written by Jaye Maverick

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