“Time In The Sun” by Nick Antonelli

Nick Antonelli kicked off this year with the sing-it-together at last call, anthemic “Lullaby For A Barfly.” The lead single from his debut album, ‘To Get To Here.” Now he’s giving audiences, even more, as well as another side of who he is as a performer, with his sophomore single, “Time In The Sun.”

There is a moment at the start of “Time In The Sun” where you’re led to believe this is going to be a laidback folk song, but no sooner than that thought crawls into your mind – the tempo and mood of the track drastically changes. In comes this energetic explosion of Bluegrass. Americana always resides as the basis for what Nick Antonelli delivers, but he definitely gives you this upbeat, let’s have a hoedown, track with “Time In The Sun.” Music aside, Nick Antonelli sings of the good times of tequila and lime, but balances that out with the reality of heroes that are no longer around. 

There are several songs on Nick Antonelli’s debut, ‘To Get To Here,’ and the aforementioned pair are just the tip of this singer-songwriter’s iceberg of pure folk goodness that can be found on the remainder of the record. Whether it’s the heartfelt “Spoilin’ For A Fight” or the sincerity of “Home Sweet Home,” there is a song for everyone on this album, but if you’re a fan of traditional Americana and folk, then this will be one of those “no skip” albums from start to finish. 

To hear all of the above and more from Nick Antonelli, make sure to check him out on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran




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