“Summer Wagon” by Alex Kate

“Summer Wagon” by upcoming indie pop singer Alex Kate is the epitome of what summer is and drips of nostalgia, taking us back to the good days of summer through visuals from the lyrics.

Kate obviously wanted “Summer Wagon” to not only sound like Summer but to make us feel it, and she perfectly encapsulated the feel and sound of summer through the song. At the beginning of the track, seagulls and waves are heard, and a beach automatically comes to mind. While the beach sound effect does pull the attention, you kind of hope that it isn’t heard the entire song because you want to enjoy Kate’s silky vocals and soft instrumentals. 

Luckily, the sound effect fades, and Kate’s beautiful voice grasps the attention of the listener because of how smooth it sounds. It’s amazing how soft the song is and isn’t too overbearing, it’s relaxing. The blend with the instrumentals and vocals is phenomenal, Kate doesn’t overpower the instrumentals while the instrumentals don’t overpower Kate. 

“Summer Wagon” does give off the ‘80s feel and closely resembles Fleetwood Mac’s style, especially with the guitar and Kate’s voice. 

The dynamics in the instrumentals are phenomenal, especially during the song’s “chanting” portion. 

Overall, “Summer Wagon” successfully entertains the listener but will make them reminisce about the good times they’ve had over the summer. The song is nostalgic and empowering to find true happiness. Alex Kate has a bright future as a musician, and we’re excited to see her bloom in her career.

Written by Taylor Berry

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