“CULT HYPNOTICA” by The Clay People

The Clay People are a five piece band that hail from the great state of New York, if you haven’t heard of them perhaps you weren’t born yet or maybe you’ve lived under a rock. The man behind the bond of the band is Daniel Dinsmore, the idea started in his head and it wasn’t long before Brian McGarvey and Daniel Neet joined the shortly after the band grew to add guitarist Jared Weed and bassist Eric Braymer.

The completion of the group has resulted in great releases such as new album release “CULT HYPNOTICA”, this may be one of their more recent release but The Clay People have been making music since ’98. If you’ve loved their music then, you’ll love it now and if this is your first introduction then welcome to the cult.

Often cults revolve around drugs, you take something to be initiated but what happens when the drugs don’t do anything for you. The result is the first single in “CULT HYPNOTICA”, “The Drugs (Are Not Working)”, this chaotic song will get you out of your seat and into the mosh pit. The start to this album is enough to wake you and make you feel like the drugs are working.

Once the drugs get going in your system, you’ll need some water for your dry mouth, “Just Drink It”, is the perfect glass to quench that thirst. The grungy, dark/metal minute track will bring out your inner dark side, it makes you want to be in a dim room with only a red light and just scream…in a healthy way.

The song continues right into self titled track “Cult Hypnotic”, another hit from the group. It is their most popular song off the album and that’ll make sense once you hear the track, the song itself is a wild ride that you need to be strapped in for.

You’re only halfway through and the album has already been very exciting, as you get closer to the end that “I need to rage” feeling doesn’t go away and The Clay People give you exactly what you want. After you’ve destroyed all the humans you’ll feel a bit more satisfied, you’ll understand why The Clay People are so loved.

From their first album release to this latest one, twenty four years later and The Clay People are still giving you exactly what you want and need.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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