“Even Though” by Sunstack Jones feat. Tan Cologne

Sunstack Jones is a band that came together to give the world their take on downhome Americana with poetic folk elements, and that is what I got when listening to their latest, “Even Though” with the accompaniment of Tan Cologne’s Lauren Green and Marissa Macias. 

There is this vintage hue that falls over “Even Though” that takes you across three decades. On one hand, the vibe is very reminiscent of what one would have heard back in the ‘60s and ‘70s in Laurel Canyon. Had they been around then, they would have opened for the likes of Joni Mitchell. However, there were moments when the alternative ways of the ‘90s crept in. There was an ethereal feeling at the end that made me feel the same as whenever I turn on ‘Derry Girls’ and hear The Cranberries’ “Dreams.” With that, you definitely get lost in the music and sort of just flow along on this inescapable, audible journey. 

All of that combined, taking pieces of musical puzzles from yesteryear and placing them into what folk artists are doing today to push the genre forward, is all encapsulated in the latest from Sunstack Jones. 

“Even Though” is Sunstack Jones’ first single since releasing their fourth album, ‘Golden Repair,’ in 2020. That featured the likes of “Where You Gonna Go,” “How It All Went Down,” and eight others. To hear all of those, “Even Though,” and more – make sure to check out Sunstack Jones on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran




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