“Someone’s Someone” by Ainsley Costello

The younger generation keeps proving time and time again that age shouldn’t limit you from going after your dreams. Ainsley Costello is the prime example of that, starting music at 7, graduating college at 16 and now at the age of 18 releasing her 23rd single and attending Berklee College of Music. With all this attention and unique releases she’s carved out her own genre which she calls pretty punk.

“Someone’s Someone” is the latest release from Costello, this song is an anthem to the people her age that you should go after you want, be driven and go after your goals. Don’t let anyone hold you back from you achieving the highest status that you can get. You don’t need to be someone’s someone.

Her clear and raw lyrics will bring you in almost instantly, you can see why she’s coined her own genre. Pretty punk is clean but gritty, upbeat but sad, it’s a great mixture of pop punk and grunge and to have such a kick ass female behind the vocals, it makes it even better.

Comparing Ainsley and her music to other people seems like a disjustice to her, she has created something that is all her own and “Someone’s Someone” is further proof of that. This is her third single of the year, will she release a fourth? Either way you have 22 other songs that will help you get to know Ainsley Costello more.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Full Credits
Songwriting: Ainsley Costello, Kelly McKay, Steve Smentek
Produced by: Zach Mann




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