“Who Would Notice?” by LUCID LIP

LUCID LIP, a band that is quickly becoming a household name, they have been making hit after hit and this latest one is no different. This New York City alt rock four piece consists of vocalist Frankie Favasuli who met drummer Brendan McGuckin while attending a jazz program at the City College of New York, guitarist Michael McGuckin attended the same program a few years later and bassist Pat Cochrane is a Berkley music man. They eventually all crossed paths and became LUCID LIP, they have just released single “Who Would Notice?” which was recorded both at Creamery Studios in Greenpoint, Brooklyn as well as producer Jeff Fettig’s studio in Los Angeles,

If “Who Would Notice?” is your first introduction to the group then you are in for a wavy trip, this easy listening track is sure to put them on your map if they aren’t already. This is groovy track infuses a ska type sound with a classic rock sound. Lyrically it’s dark and he gets real, the song that is about the current human condition would be expected to have deep lyrics.

The psychedelic sound puts you in this hypnotic trance that you won’t want to get out of. “Who Would Notice?”…it makes you wonder what people do and don’t notice about you, how observant or non observant they are. They make you question while still providing great music, great artists will entice you to think.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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