“Lo-Fi Sensation” by V-Train

Sometimes it’s nice to relax but it can often be difficult to get out of your own head, V-Train is providing you a way to be set free. This solo artist is someone to admire, he blends lo-fi hip hop with hints of jazz, the fuse of genres from this multi instrumentalist is unmatched. He plays everything himself which includes piano, guitar, bass, drums, ukulele and some other percussion instruments.

This third album release from V-Train doesn’t disappoint, it starts off with “Gone Fishing” and if you’ve ever been fishing before you’ll instantly understand the track. This serene track is the perfect start of V-Train showing you who he is, close your eyes and get ready to go on a journey.

The journey takes you to the clouds and shortly you’ll be “Passing Storms”, you could say it’s the calm before the storm. Of course it’s going to be a relaxing album, that’s what lo-fi does for you but how can it be unique? How can you make each song mean something different?

A perfect example of this is “Calm Sensation” and “Late Night Session”, these tracks are different in its own way, they’re more on the upbeat side but still stay true to the lo fi sound. “Calm Sensation” takes into the rap/hip hop side of V-Train while “Late Night Session” is showing off his jazz roots.

Oddly enough “Jazzy Nights” is less jazzy and more hip hop it’s a nice twist to expect one thing but to recieve something different. With that being said jazz isn’t always about the music, it’s also about the vibe, the mood that jazz presents and that’s what “Jazzy Nights” does.

The question earlier of how can V-Train make a song bring out emotions comes to light when you come upon “Painful Past”. This song speaks on an experience that V-Train had and it highlights the track with the vocals that are layered underneath.

It’s clear that V-Train has range and can expand beyond that the simplicity of lofi, he truly takes the genre and makes it his own. The notes of hip hop and jazz highlights his songs in a way that leaves you craving more, this is the third album from the solo artist which means you get to explore his music further.

V-Train will rise to the top of being a favorite artist of yours, he entices you through the complex simplicity of his beats. It’s almost as if you’ve been put in a trance and V-Train is hypnotizing you, when you come back to reality you’ll realize why V-Train is at the top of everyone’s list

Written by Jaye Maverick




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