“Mentally Drained” by Descendent

New York based artist Descendent is here to speak the word, he’s here to talk about issues that bother him and perhaps you as well. “Mentally Drained” is his attempt at highlighting these issues through his filmmaking and songwriting. Throughout this album he will illuminate and celebrate the cultural strength of Pan-African diaspora (specifically the arts), it will also touch on racism, death masculinity and just how he feels the world views him.

The intro song of an album is perhaps the most important, it sets the tone for what is to come. “Tired” is about exactly how it sounds, life can be overwhelming and even if you give yourself adequate time to rest you still just feel tired all the time. That can get frustrating, Descendent allows you to get out that energy with this track.

His most popular track “Outta My Face” is the most popular song and it’s clear why, people tend to come around with a lot of negative energy. That can be extremely off putting and makes you want to just palm their face and push them out of your way, this is an anthem about how to handle pessimistic people.

The thing about Descendent is that he is not a one trick pony, he can do more than be aggressive and upfront. Ig Dms slows down the vibe but still sticks true to his hard hitting style, the storyline behind the track gets more and more intriguing as the song goes on.

When an artist is vulnerable enough to open up to you with their words it’s always special, it also makes you feel less alone in your own feelings. Descendent makes you feel safe, he makes you feel okay in your own thoughts and actions and helps you identify what you possibly cannot.

As you start to end the album you’ll get a sense of relief, almost as if you’ve left a therapy session. Descendent’s “Mentally Drained” is the refreshing music you need in your life, your only regret will be not taking the time to listen to it.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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