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Review & Interview: “Flawless” by Jordan Jones

Jordan Jones dropped his latest single, “Flawless”, on June 10, 2022 and we may be a little obsessed. With catchy beats and smooth, playful vocals, it’s easy to fall a little in love with this track. 

“Flawless” is truly a testament to Jones’ talent. The song opens with a minimal instrumental flow, letting the singer’s voice come through clean and sharp. Snapping, background instrumentals, and later a catchy drum beat and we have a mix that is just like chocolate–silky, smooth, and sweet. It’s the perfect summer love song in its lighthearted and easy vibe.

“And I promise, I won’t be heartless ‘cause all I want is you,” Jones sings of his “flawless” partner. The lyrics are all easy vibes and carefree love about curling up in bed with your lover. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to have a full day in bed with their significant other exploring each other like the earliest days of the relationship? 

While Jones has been a lead singer and a lead guitarist on two different projects, he came onto the music scene as a solo artist with his debut single “Break My Heart” in 2020. The Canadian-born artist tells us that music has always been about connection for him. “There is something about hearing a song that feels like it was meant for you.” We have to agree. Jones leads a nomadic lifestyle and found that spreading love and making genuine connections is his purpose. For more on Jordan Jones and his upcoming projects, follow him on his socials linked below.

Q&A with Jordan Jones

Q: We really love the vibe of Flawless. What was your creative process like in creating it?

JORDAN JONES: Thank you so much. I appreciate that! Flawless is a collection of my first 3 singles for my solo project that I started releasing in January of this year. I’m kind of just sneaking up on new music. Break My Heart is true story song about my 10 year relationship ending a month before our wedding. I had all these feelings and just had to get them out so I could understand what I was going through. Then grow from it ya know. It pretty much wrote itself.

Stumble was a track we ended up writing in the studio. I actually went in with a totally different song haha We just started playing around with sounds and ideas. Stumble is also a true story song about the relationship I’m in now and how having open communication is super important. Learning how to be in a new relationship and being open to growing together.  

When we sat down to write Flawless my intent was to create a Sunday only kinda vibe. With Break My Heart being so heavy and with Stumble having the undertone of finding confidence in new love, I really want to share how I’m feeling now.

Q: What has been one of your favorite memories in the creation of Flawless?

JONES: After we worked on the production for Flawless I rented a cabin in the rocky mountains by myself to get away and reset to write. I went for a hike through a canyon in Jasper to clear my head then just hunkered down in the cabin to write with no distractions. Honestly I wish I could do that every time I write lol Such an amazing experience. I’m so happy I did it. 

Q: What’s your personal favorite song you’ve done and why?

JONES: That’s a hard question cause I love them all so much for what they are. But Flawless is probably my favourite because I can really see the progression I’ve made from Break My Heart. Going from almost ending my life because of heartbreak to feeling light, sexy, and just in the moment is a beautiful place to be. 

Q: We love the slow and steady feel of “Flawless”. Did any real life events inspire the song?

JONES: Absolutely! Everything I write comes from real life experience. My ideal Sunday is chillin in bed with my person, listening to my favourite new song on repeat, and just being in the moment. We often, including myself, get lost in our day to day bullshit that we forget how important it is to just be with the person we love and take in the moment. I keep myself fairly busy but Sunday is a day that I try to put everything aside and just take in whatever, or whoever, is around me. Flawless is a reflection of what I dig on a Sunday Vibes Only kinda day. 

Q: How has your nomadic lifestyle influenced your music?

JONES: I’d say it’s helped with really being open to just letting the creativity flow and moving with it. My greatest experiences in life have always been saying yes to something then watching what unfolds. Being free and allowing art and artists to create from a safe vulnerable place makes the writing process so much fun! 

Q: Was there a pivotal moment in your life when you decided to pursue being a musician?

JONES: There has been a few pivotal moments that have steered me towards music. I dabbled in music fronting a ska/punk band in my early 20’s but that was just for fun. It didn’t last long. The first real pivotal moment was when I was 26. I messed up my neck pretty bad snowboarding. It put me out of work for a while. Because of the injury I was taking a lot of Percs for the pain and ended up struggling with addiction and depression.

I needed something to shake my shit. I didn’t have a guitar at the time so my buddy lent me his acoustic guitar. I just started playing it everyday all day for something to do and to get my head straight. After a month he wanted it back so I went out and got my first acoustic guitar and just started writing. I played my first show in my hometown then got asked to jump on tour with a band from Toronto so I said yes of course. Lol There was no turning back after that haha I was having to much fun! 

Reviewed & Interviewed by Dana L. Sullivan





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