“RRRatas” by Los Inconformes

Los Inconformes a band that you will soon know and love, this Puerto Rican ska band is showcasing their single “RRRatas”. Este es un single que te arrepentirás de no haber escuchado This eight piece band includes singer Arturo Campos, Luis Santiago on guitar, drummer Hector Cott, Angel Omy Rey is on the saxophone, Nicolás Rivera on congas, Victor Hernández on the bass, Sebastián Miranda on trumpet and Michael Ortiz on the trombone.

“RRRatas” speaks to everyone, doesn’t matter what language you understand. This track is touching on social and political criticisms to many of our political class worldwide, get ready to get down because “RRRatas” is starting a riot. While listening to this track you’ll feel the need to start fires, loot buildings, and maybe just jump in a mosh pit. That last one sounds a bit more reasonable, “RRRatas” lets you get your aggression and energy out in a healthy way.

This ska/rock/punk anthem was their chance to blow you away and show you what they represent, they did not disappoint. Los Inconformes should be a favorite band of yours and if you just can’t get enough then their recent album release of “IV”.

Los Inconformes brings up that need to fight the system, “RRRatas” is exactly what you need to get your day started. ¡Viva la revolucíon!

Written by Jaye Maverick




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