“Vol. 1” by The Dead Blues Club

What started as a solo project is now a solo project..plus some. Richard Gray is the guitarist, songwriter and singer of The Dead Blues Club, but he doesn’t stop there. RG also drums, percussion, bass, electric organ, keyboard and synths. Due to him just hanging around whenever Richard was working on music, Sam Bollands ended up joining the project. He provides additional keys and organs, on top of that drummer Kenny Thompson was added as a longtime collaborator. Kenny is featured on “The Bridge” and “Cosmonaut”.

The “Vol. 1” album was engineered, produced, mixed and mastered by Richard Gray himself which took place in both England and Japan, where he now lives.

The debut album starts with a track that is almost like a time warp or a worm hole sucking you in. “Bloody Ada” is a emotion packed track that pulls in you with just its instruments, about halfway through the vocals come in and it ties the song together. This industrial/cyberpunk like track is about something you may do from time to time, giving up, this is just the beginning of “Vol. 1”.

The story of self destruction continues into “Submarines” and “Party Tricks”. These two songs speak on what it’s like to endure panic attacks the failed attempt to forget your substance abuse. The darkness and edginess of The Dead Blues Club is highly reflected into these songs, it’s a great way to get to know them more and to enjoy synths..who doesn’t love synths.

Lyrically this album discusses real life problems and issues without sugar coating it, the aesthetic of the crew is something the world has been needing. Just from listening to the first half of the album it confirms why The Dead Blues Club are getting such a positive reaction from all of you.

It’s hard to believe that this is the first release from them, it seems like this is a band that you grew up with. They have a nostalgic sound that makes you feel comfortable, it’s easy to truly be yourself while listening to the group. As the album starts to come to end you’ll feel a sense of relaxation, like a weight as been lifted off your shoulders. It’s almost as if “Vol. 1” is the therapy you’ve been needing, now that it’s here, take advantage of it.

The Dead Blues Club, reviving your emotions since 2022.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits: Richard Gray





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