“The Cult Song (All of My Friends)” by jakesghost

It’s always refreshing to see an artist doing things on their own, you almost instantly fall in love with an artist when you find out they’ve done is all on their own. jakesghost is a New Jersey solo singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist that wants to make music for creatures, ghosts, nocturnal animals…and people too. With the first release being “The Cult Song (All of My Friends) it’s clear that his music is an invitation to all the weirdos and those alike.

“The Cult Song” is the first introduction to jakesghost, it’s dark, raw, and the perfect track for you to sit alone in your room….in the dark..with maybe just a dimly lit light. It makes you wonder which friends jakesghost is reaching out to, friends in the afterlife or friends in the now. Does it really matter if all the friends unite, the cult can live on through jakesghost and his music.

The music he makes, he’s described as unconventional, but if a numerous amount of people can relate is it really that unconventional. Most people don’t feel like they belong and being a “cult” with their friends is the only way they can feel normal and safe. jakesghost keeps you intrigued about what’s to come next, his EP is expected out sometime around October and it’s very exciting to think what he is going to throw at you.

Join jakesghost and his cult of friends, it’ll be the best decision you’ve made of 2022.

Written by Jaye Maverick

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