“Trans-Emotional” by Smyles

Smyles a solo artist that you won’t be able to get enough of, 9 years ago this bedroom producer started making music. It wasn’t until 2019 that you were able to start hearing the music behind the man, after that first album release it seems like the creativity just took off. Five albums and three years later Smyles latest release “Trans-Emotional” has arrived.

This is ten track instrumental album features many different genres, he uses latin, reggae, soul, and hip-hop to bring you in and he makes you stay by capturing love, growth, and humanity in an album. Smyles says that each song represents a different mood, he wants everyone to take this journey with him. His hope is that this playful, colorful, stylistic album pushes music forward.

Get ready to get up and on your feet, Smyles is starting the “Trans-Emotional” off with a dance party. As the kids would say “A Kween’s World” is a bop, the irresistibly fun track brings a smile to your face, a smile you won’t want to get rid of.

“Trans-Emotional” is about people being in tune with their own emotions and feelings, just with that first track you’re already feeling elated. You can already see that Smyles is achieving their goal, men and women can have the same emotions. Emotions shouldn’t be assigned to certain people just because of their gender, everyone should be allowed to feel everything.

The use of different genres throughout this album is what will separates Smyles from other artists, you can tell that he’s not just one thing. He is capable of giving everyone the kind of music they need to feel safe, Smyles give you room to breathe and just be yourself. He give you a place to be free.

In addition to his songs bending genres, he has the most unique and fun way of labeling his songs. It’s gives you an instant idea of what to expect when you click play, much like when a chef tells you how to eat his food properly, Smyles tells you what vibe each song is going to provide.

It’s a good thing Smyles has multiple albums released, once you finish with “Trans-Emotional” you’re going to want to go into depth of his music. Smyles is enticing and makes it damn hard to not love every single song that has been put out. “Trans-Emotional” an album that is set out to make you get in touch with how you’re feeling, after the album ends you get this euphoric feeling. It’s almost as if you’ve left a 30 minute therapy session, you’re left feeling refreshed.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits: Aliah Fisher





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