Zadar is a one man band from Lansdowne, PA, writer, producer, guitarist, vocalist, bassist and drum machine. Antonio G. does it all, he started the project at the beginning of 2020, eventually he would like to add members to the group so he can do live shows. Although he is a solo artist Zadar has some help, “Julie” was mixed by James Sinclair-Stott with artwork done by Mirko Dellamonic.

Zadar has been making music alone thus far but that doesn’t see to be a negative thing, past releases have received over 14,000 listens and it’s clear why. “Julie” is the latest release, it’s dark, melodic and a bit gothic. If you’ve ever had extreme lust or have been fond of someone then you will relate to “Julie”, this guitar heavy track will be repeated in your head all day.

In a strange way this song makes you want to get up and dance, it’s groovy yet moody, gives you the chance to shake your hips and cry a little bit. This post punk track is quickly going to be something you add to your daily playlist, a track made for everyone.

Now’s your chance to add Zadar to your list of favorites, it won’t be long before that name is know by all. You’ll want to witness the rise of Zadar so you can say “I’ve been there from the beginning.” Zadar is making tracks that are hard to not enjoy, stick around.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo credits: Cindi Landmesser Photography (https://www.cindilandmesserphotography.com)




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