“One coin Two sides” by Willjoy

If you’re here for something normal and predictable, then my friend you have clicked the wrong link. Welcome to the world of Finland artist Willjoy. He manages to produce music that has a fusion of EDM and some good ole fashioned Rock N’ Roll, he adds extras spices such as a bit of funk and gritty vocals. Voila, you now have Wiljoy’s latest album “One coin Two sides”.

Back in 2020 Willjoy made the commitment to music, despite have little to no background in music. Discovering that this was indeed his passion, things took off from there. Two years later and Willjoy has proven himself time and time again, with everything been written, produced and recorded by him he’s showing that he’s in it for life.

You enter into the album by literally being welcomed, the first track “Welcome” is very EDM heavy with 1980s/1990s video games vibes. It’s reminiscent of Transylvania and makes you think of childhood, it makes you want to go to a dimly lit cave and just have an underground party. Willjoy is definitely kicking off the album with tracks that are already irresistible.

That hype energy doesn’t stop, how could it….The relatable to topic of having bills to pay, let’s be real that is a struggle that more and more people are having to deal with. The high energy of “Flash” makes everything feel okay for a few moments.

This is one hell of an album to have it be your debut, it feels like Willjoy has been doing this for decades and judging by the amount of listens he receives you probably agree. With songs like “Slam Drunk” and “Flash” he reels you in with the lyrics and the beats are what makes you stay.

Of course there are more sides to Willjoy, hence the title of the album. “Life Is Now” is Willjoy showing off his skills of making a song that is slower and still fast as all hell, you’re not sure if you want to cry or dance. Why not do both? This track is one you can for sure hear being played in a club on a Saturday night.

Although “One coin Two sides” was recently released, it makes you wonder when his next release will be. It’s almost weird how much you already love Willjoy, but weird is good so embrace that. Willjoy is a name that soon will be known by many, from the lucky ones who have been there from the beginning to the new fans that will inevitably come.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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