“Expectations” by Disco Mary

Steve Lamacq of BBC Music 6 called Disco Mary “an indie supergroup,” and after briefly surveying the accomplishments of each group member it’s easy to see why. 

Frontwoman Charlotte Henzen has a solo career under the name charly haze, and was formerly in the band I Kissed Charles. With her former group, she performed with the likes of La Roux and Ellie Goulding. Bandmember Kev Sherry is the lead singer of the Scottish indie group Attic Lights, and Chris McCrory is a producer for the bands Catholic Action and Slow Weather. 

But maybe I shouldn’t praise the band’s acheivements too highly. Disco Mary writes of their new single “Expectations,” “The song explores our consumer society’s obsession with fame and celebrity and questions how our personal expectations of ‘the good life’ are affected by media portrayals of success.” True to the band’s name, the song is in the style of a classic 70s disco track, which matches the group’s general retro aesthetic. “Expectations” urges listeners to consider more fulfilling avenues to success with its lyrics, while luring us out onto the dance floor with its catchy melody and groovy rhythms. It features smooth harmonized female vocals, with a horn section providing a countermelody in the background. 

Disco Mary started out as a covid project, so they’re still pretty new. But despite that, they’ve already released an EP ahead of this new single. And they’re certainly ready to return to the post-covid dance floor. If “Expectations” doesn’t make you want to dance under the disco ball, nothing will. 

Written by Maya Merberg

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