‘Ms. Handled’ by Zodi Keesh

Some men just don’t understand women. Societal gender roles seem to raise a lot of men who are oblivious to the emotionality and beauty women bring to the world. It still feels like there’s this ‘head of the household’ complex that causes one-sided relationships where men take and don’t know how to give. The world is evolving, and it’s important to treat everyone with the respect and humanness they deserve. This concept is one that shines through the lyricism of Zodi Keesh’s ‘Ms. Handled’.

There’s so much interesting musicianship in Ms. Handled. It has this exciting trappy percussive flow with an R&B basis. The instrumentation refuses to be stagnant, and it works with a variety of different synths. It’s the same with the percussion. There are different percussive sounds used that provide a completely filled atmosphere. There are sounds like rattles, raindrop sounds, and clacks. There’s something very natural about the percussion. The vocals in this single are absolutely captivating. Zodi Keesh has a beautiful tone and a wide range. She also pulls off some quick riffs that require quite a bit of vocal precision. This artist definitely knows what she’s doing, and she does it well.

‘Ms. Handled’ is a feminine power song demanding respect and understanding from men. Some guys can be egotistical, super blunt, or uncaring about emotions. It’s toxic, and it sucks to not feel like you can get through to someone you love. Everyone in life deserves an equal playing field and to be treated with respect and care. But, societal gender roles seem to put a block on this. This track delves into the ideas of hurtful men and the need for a relationship that goes both ways. Not just one.

Zodi Keesh is a Los Angeles-based musician who has come a long way to get to where she is. In high school, she was on the dance team, playing clarinet, taking choir, in a girl group, and getting recognition from talent scouts. She continued making music in college until she stopped due to conflicts with religious beliefs. Music is a huge part of Zodi’s life, and it always has been. That’s what she’s back at it again. Zodi has performed since she was 11, backed tracks by several artists, and trained raw skill for years. ‘Ms. Handled’ serves as a great comeback. It was recorded in the trunk of a Tesla and produced by Cee the Producer. This single is such a hit, and it shows that Zodi never truly lost the passion and talent she once had.

Written by Sage Plapp



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