The long-awaited single “Kin” is BEDROOM TAX’s first release since their 2019 EP, “Hardly Working.” Within the first few seconds of the indie pop/rock song, listeners won’t be able to stop nodding their heads and dancing around the room to this truly infectious song. A lot has changed; a pandemic took over the world, hardships began, and much, much, more. “Kin” is a new beginning for the band, metaphorically and in reality, as they have added two new musicians to their group: singer/songwriter Blake Noire and guitarist-singer/songwriter Josh Collins. 

Aside from the new additions, BEDROOM TAX’s sound has matured and flourished in new ways while also keeping its distinct sound. “Kin” is a genre-fusing piece of art, mixing elements of rap, blues, and rock, all while having a truly unique sound that I, for one, have not heard anything like before. The captivating melody along with the hard-hitting, blunt vocals are what makes “Kin” a perfect addition to your summer 2022 playlist.

Just as time has flown by over the past few years for all of us, the BEDROOM TAX members have undergone the same changes. “Kin” is about time passing by and the question of how we change each passing day. Who were we yesterday? Who will we be tomorrow? The ever-flowing anxiety of time fleeting is something that BEDROOM TAX so flawlessly executes in “Kin.” Not only do the lyrics discuss these topics, but the instrumental, including melancholic violin and uncompromising guitars, create a perfect mix of modern and nostalgia, adding to the theme of time. 

Check out “Kin,” and all that BEDROOM TAX has to offer. You won’t regret it!

Photo credits: Dolly Smith

Written by Melissa Cusano




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