Toxic masculinity. If you’re saying ‘that’s cringe bro’ you might have it, at least a little bit. It’s not your fault though. Toxic masculinity is instilled in culture through traditional values and ideals such as the ‘head of the household.’ What’s important is that you acknowledge it and understand how your actions in relation to it affect others. The effect that this toxicity has on others is explored in Serma’s latest single ‘1540.’

‘1540’ by Serma goes hard. It has a great way of pulling the listener in with its rising guitar line and then a hit with musical clarity. The guitar and bass both have this dark distorted tone that captures a grungy hard rock sound nicely. This track will throw you straight back into the heavier scene of the 90s, but it’s new and exciting. ‘1540’ has amazing tempo control, giving this high energy without being overwhelming. The vocals have a nice raspy growl to them that gives an aire of raw emotion.

‘1540’ calls on men to battle their toxic masculinity and the effects it has on familial relationships. Toxic masculinity has a tendency to build huge egos that don’t have regard for others when acting. When two of these egos are placed together, it tends to rattle up like soda in a bottle, causing those egos to explode. This track is a great exploration of the toxic masculine ego and how it can tear families apart.

Serma is a Milton Keynes, UK-based band consisting of vocalist and guitarist Harry Olsen, bassist Alfie Olsen, and drummer Sonny Roberts. This band fully came together when Alfie joined in 2020. In 2021 they started playing shows and writing singles. This preparation gave them time for some great first few releases on their Spotify. Serma truly is a powerhouse of a band with deep lyricism begging to be explored.

Written by Sage Plapp




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