“We Did It To Survive” by Hailing Ishimura

Are you one of the hundreds of fans amongst the others, Hailing Ishimura was only formed in 2021 and yet they have already curated a fan base that people take years to achieve. The guys of Hailing Ishimura met due to their wives who happened to have been friends since middle school, so before they were even a band they were family. Dom Hopson is on the bass, the guitar and synthesizer and Chris True bringing his talents on the bass and the guitar.

The weird and uniqueness of the band has been there from the start and they don’t plan stopping. The two formed the duo in an old Pepsi Bottling Warehouse and with this track they aim to tell a space adventure through their instruments.

This third single from Hailing Ishimura is one that will blow you away, it’s amazing how a song without words can impact you so heavily. They wanted “We Did It To Survive” to be dark so they can help tell part of the story, it’s brooding and very much a song that will bring you to a new level.

The boys of Virgina are showing you that post rock can be successful anywhere, the UK has taken over the “post” scene but Hailing Ishimura is not backing down. “We Did It To Survive” is going to appeal to the darkness in everyone, you won’t be able to resist this track.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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