“Light In Chaos” by 7th SENSE

You’ve been raised to believe that you are to only have 6 sense when in fact all you needed to do was look further and you’d discover the 7th SENSE. Formed by bassist Laura Benedek in 2019, 7th SENSE was the result of five musicians who were active in numerous jazz projects around the local scene. They all met while studying at the National University of Music in Bucharest and the friendship they formed was unmatched, now they have become a modern jazz band.

“Light In Chaos” is the first album release from the five piece, these nine songs feature UK musicians such as trombonists Liam Shortall and Peckham also based percussionist Will Fry, it also features Romanian musicians such as Jazz sing Luiza Zana and saxophonist Alexandru Arcuș.

“Two Moons” begins the album with a light airy sound,that makes you want to get up and do so dancing. The song features Will Fry and you can feel how much he adds to a song, this introduction to the album makes you wonder what else they have in store for me. “Two Moons” is the kind of song that keeps modern jazz around.

The album “Light In Chaos” is meant to explore the journey and challenges that the band has created together, these experiences helped the group find the strength to keep going. Their wish is to bring a ray of hope and convey this message with the audience, this has become an important part of their music and identity as a band.

As you get more into the album you’ll come across a unique track, track number four “A.F.T.R.L.P.Z. It starts with a spoken word vibe and an intro that immediately captures your attention. Then once you’re in the zone it switches up on you and just absolutely blows your mind, it makes you want to grab an old fashioned and just vibe out.

Coming across self titled track “Light In Chaos” you’ll notice that you’re nearing the end of the album, this song will bring you some peace. It’s slower and more intimate sounding and something you’d play towards the end of the night as the drinks fully kick in. The pace picks up towards the middle and it kind of gives you this second wave of energy, get back up and start dancing again.

Slow it back down with the smooth vocals that “Mama’s Chest” provides, it gives 7th SENSE one last chance to show you who they are and why they make music. It’s one last chance to show you why you should be a fan, although you should already be one.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Mircea Albutiu





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