“Shoom” by Pace of Mind

“Shoom” by Pace of Mind feels like a dream. It’s moody, dark, ethereal–everything you’d want from this trance-y, electronic genre. The vocalist has this breathy tone that fits perfectly over the booming kick drum. After listening to this track, you’ll be left with this effortlessly cool, purposeful feeling. 

The song begins with a generously effected guitar riff that builds slowly until the other instrumentation piles in. An acoustic guitar plucks out a textured, tinny chord progression while a deep, buzzing synth rumbles continuously. The vocalist chimes a kinetic melody, weaving around that ever-present synth in a beautifully gratifying fashion. A four-on-the-floor style kick drum builds the verse until it all suddenly drops out, leaving only a twinkling synth. When the verse crashes back in, it’s all the more satisfying.

Listening to this song all the way through, it’s hard to discern what it is that makes it so infectious. The melodies are well suited for the chord choices as well as the dynamic trajectory. The vocal performance is inviting and unique. The sectionality is subtle but gratifying. However, the thing that makes this song continuously interesting is the rhythmic value. The producer builds the drums slowly, adding new divisions of the beat and sounds as the song goes on. Each section is injected with a sense of newness as it’s repeated. Hi-hats, snares, and other percussive elements fill the sound with power and an undeniable groove.

If you love a good laid-back electronic song, this one just might tickle your fancy. Be sure to listen to “Shoom,” but also check out Pace of Mind’s other releases! You won’t be disappointed.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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