“Always Be Around” by Phoebe Katis

Photo credit: James Jin

In Phoebe Katis’ newest single, “Always Be Around” feat. Louis Cato, she strips a love song down to the bare necessities: striking vocals and the gentle strum of a guitar.

“Always Be Around” is the second single from Katis’ upcoming album To Feel The Rain and was co-produced with Grammy-nominated musician and newest front man of the Stephen Colbert Band, Louis Cato. Katis wrote the lullaby-esque song in August of 2020 as an antidote to heartbreak. She further explains the meaning behind the song:

“I knew I didn’t want to lose my faith in love or feel like I had somehow failed at it. The lyric ‘love is never the issue, it’s always to be found’ helped me realize there are so many other reasons why relationships don’t work out. Change is inevitable and it’s something to be embraced, however hard that might be. I also wanted to express the feeling that we don’t need to rely on another for a source of love, that it is out there ready for us to find on our own.”

The song repeats the line: “At the core of every person, love will always be around.” It is a line so simple yet can be interpreted in many ways. Regardless of our differences, first impressions, history or reputation, there is a love that shines in all of us. Sometimes we find it in unexpected people and other times we are struggling to find it in ourselves.

The melody is uncomplex and allows the listener to be easily guided by Katis’ words. Cato’s lower harmony adds a satisfying warmth and contrast to Katis’ airy, delicate tone. The combination of their contrasting vocals makes for an acoustic track that in no way feels incomplete in sound.

“Always Be Around” is universally relatable. It’s the perfect song for determined romantics and heartbroken people trying to heal.

Reviewed by Gabriela Huselton





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