“Handlebars” by Georgia Winter

“Handlebars” by Georgia Winter is a production marvel. With a consistently groovy beat and a slew of unexpected, exciting sounds, this track will impress you in more than one way. The vocalist, not to mention, fills the mix with soul, power, and attitude. It sounds a bit like Gorrillaz with an organic twist.

The intro begins with a creepy, twinkling piano line. Slowly, sounds pour in–some ominous “hm’s,” a swell of effected guitar sounds, some distorted drum and guitar samples. The vocals collide with the accompaniment with a raspy, rhythmically satisfying flow. A deep, pitched double adheres to the melody, creating this full, hot-blooded sound.

The chorus is welcomed by a brief, stripped-down pre-chorus, doused in reverb and echo. With a transitional swell, the singer cries, “Oh my god / Is this feeling overwhelming or not?” The melody goes from being drawn-out to being quite energetic, repetitive, and effortlessly catchy. The synth bass saturates the low end of the mix until everything suddenly disappears into another verse.

The bridge arrives with a gloriously different sound. First, it’s washy and ethereal–filled with billowing background vocals. Then, a very pop-oriented vocal line comes in. The singer jumps from note to note swiftly and routinely. The words repeat over and over, ramping up the energy for one last, bombastic chorus.

“Handlebars” is a song well suited for any music lover. It incorporates influences from many genres, giving it this funky, inviting, earworm-esque quality. If you’re looking for something unique to add to your playlists, this could be your next favorite.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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