‘Toasty’ by Desperate Electric

Are you trying to end this summer with a little spiciness? Well you’re in luck! Desperate Electric has just released their latest track, ‘Toasty.’ This single gives a nice warm summer atmosphere while lyrically depicting the more sensual aspects of relationships.

‘Toasty’ is a soul-filled sensual landscape of sound. The instrumentation has a warm bounce with a groovy tone intertwined. The opening bass lick is a great hook for the intro, and the vocals cut in with a nice brassy sound. Kati Kortes’ vocal parts and harmonies build this angelic atmosphere that puts you in the mood for a nice summer daydream. And this track is a nice summer daydream at that.

The lyrics behind ‘Toasty’ aren’t vague. They’re about love, and moreso, sex. “You’re love’s a drug / And I was hoping you would dose me / You light my fire / So come on over let’s get toasty,” the chorus details. This song describes the passion and warmth of sex as being like an addictive drug. It’s something that can be captivating, euphoric, and absolutely connective, but also a little goofy and fun. This is a well-spiced track that’s perfect to listen to at, you know, special bedtime.

Desperate Electric is a Montana-based duo consisting of guitarist, keyboardist, vocalist, and producer Ben Morris, and bassist and vocalist Kati Korte. These two make colorful electro-soul music exploring both playful and vulnerable lyrical themes. Desperate Electric just finished up a national tour this spring of 2022 and are already back to dropping some fire music. This duo is gearing up to release a new album on September 9th. 2022. That’s under a month away!

Written by Sage Plapp




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