“Keeping Time” by Francis Eden

Photo credit: Christopher Joyce

“Keeping Time” by Francis Eden is relatable, honest and the sweetest way to tell someone “I love you.” Her newest single captures the moment you realize how grateful you are to have someone special in your life, whether or not they feel the same way.

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Eden loves the local music scene and has even been played by Sydney’s local radio, 2RRR. She takes great inspiration from contemporary artists Hozier, Fiona Apple, Kacey Musgraves, Clairo and Sara Bareilles. And it’s evident in her sound. “Keeping Time” is stripped down to an acoustic guitar and raw, hardly touched vocals. It’s the kind of style common in indie artists but she makes it all her own.

Eden enjoys her freedom to write music that isn’t commercially influenced. Her lyrics are authentic and have a personalized, storytelling feel to them. The first verse goes:

Today is the best day of my life

Do you feel the same, same way too?

Drove when the sun was up

Said we needed to go somewhere

But that’s not why we were truly there

It feels like a diary entry or an intimate confession to a friend. That burning feeling when you’re unsure if the other person reciprocates feelings. “Today is the best day of my life” shines a light on the childlike quality of love. The verse feels incredibly delicate because the listener knows how important this moment is for her, yet we don’t find out how the other person feels.

The chorus shows us that she’s desperate for an answer and can’t wait any longer. Although what the two of them have is great, she knows it has the potential to be extraordinary.

“Keeping Time” will pull at your heart strings whether you’ve been on the receiving or giving end of a heartfelt confession. It explores how a moment in time can change the dynamics of a relationship for good.

Reviewed by Gabriela Huselton





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